Welcome to Fonts & Florals.

I’m Suzi, a left-handed modern calligrapher, floral illustrator, and wreath maker from the beautiful Annapolis Valley in Nova Scotia, Canada.

I’ve always loved drawing and had dabbled in different types of calligraphy and hand lettering since I was a kid. But it wasn’t until I took a course in modern calligraphy that I absolutely fell in love. There is something so beautiful and elegant about hand calligraphy that can’t be reproduced electronically.

Opening that door also rekindled my love for floral illustration as the two so often go hand-in-hand, which is part of what inspired the name “Fonts and Florals”.

The “Florals” part of Fonts and Florals also refers to the wreaths I make seasonally using locally sourced goods to make sustainable, seasonal wreaths. Being able to take materials that would otherwise go unnoticed and/or composted, and turn them into a beautiful wreath that can be enjoyed is such a special and fulfilling skill to bring to the world.

Though very different forms of art, the organic nature of all three mediums makes them feel like they flow together very naturally and represent all that I love about living in rural Nova Scotia.

Atlantic Lake Life

Because I am nothing if not an overachiever, I also have a small Etsy shop where I sell digital lake map art focusing on lakes found here in Atlantic Canada. You can check it out by clicking here.